Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.process.model Folder | pub.monitor.process.model:getModelImage
Retrieves the model image for a specified process model.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String Complete model ID of the process model for which you want to obtain the model image. You can retrieve model IDs by invoking the pub.monitor.process.model:getModelNames service and using the value returned in the modelNames/PROCESSKEY output parameter.
Whether Monitor treats modelID as case-sensitive depends on how the underlying database (for example, Oracle, DB2, or SQL server) handles the queries that Monitor issues to obtain data.
String Optional. Node ID of a step within the process model that represents an inline process (or subprocess) within the process; that is a set of steps that have been collapsed into a single step. When you specify subnodeID, the service generates the image for the subprocess only, not for the entire process. You can retrieve the node IDs for the sub processes within a process by executing the pub.monitor.process.modelSteps:getModelSteps service and using the value returned in the modelSteps/INLINESTEPID field.
String Whether to return the image in JPG or SVG format.
*1 JPG
*2 SVG
String The version of the process model for which you want to generate a model image. The model version for externally executed process models is always 1. There is no image associated with integration processes.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
Document The model image. The returned imageData document contains these fields:
*imageStream byte[] A byte array that contains the image data.
*width String Width of the image.
*height String Height of the image.
*type String Image type.
*1 Image is in JPG format.
*2 Image is in SVG format.
String Errors that occurred during the retrieval of the image.