Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.process.model Folder | pub.monitor.process.model:getCustomFieldDefinitions
Retrieves the custom field definitions for the specified model.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String Model ID of the process model from which to retrieve custom field definitions. To retrieve model IDs, invoke the pub.monitor.process.model:getModelNames service and use the value returned in the modelNames/PROCESSKEY output parameter.
Whether Monitor treats modelID as case-sensitive depends on how the underlying database (for example, Oracle, DB2, or SQL server) handles the queries that Monitor issues to obtain data.
String The version of the process model. The model version for externally executed and integration processes models is always 1.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
Document List List of the retrieved custom field definitions. For each custom field definition, the following fields are returned:
*PROCESSKEY String The model ID of the process model that contains the custom field definition.
*STEPID String Step ID of the step that is set up to log a field for a custom field definition.
*DOCUMENTTYPE String Fully-qualified name of the IS document type for the document that contains the custom field.
*DOCUMENTNAME String User-defined name of the document as it was specified in Designer.
*FIELDNAME String The field name as defined in the IS document type.
*FIELDTYPE String Data type for the field, which will be one of String, Number, or Date.
*TYPE String Whether the custom field is in the pipeline data or the global data.
*1 The custom field is in the pipeline data.
*2 The custom field is in the global data.
String Error that occurred during the execution of this service if this service encountered an error.