Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.process.instance Folder | pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceControl
Retrieves the control actions (suspend, resume, resubmit, or stop) that have been executed against a specified webMethods-executed process instance.
This service only reports on control actions that you can perform using Monitor. Using Monitor, you can only perform control actions against webMethods-executed process instances, which are the only type of process instances that the Process Engine executes. Because the Process Engine does not execute externally executed and integration processes, you cannot use Monitor to perform control actions against them, and consequently, this service does not return information about them.
Whether the search is case-sensitive or case-insensitive depends on how the underlying database (for example, Oracle, DB2, or SQL server) handles the queries that Monitor issues to obtain data.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String Instance ID of the webMethods-executed process instance for which to retrieve control actions. Specify the complete, exact ID.
HashMap Optional. A hash map that provides the names of the steps within the process instance. The hash map is a key value pair, where the key is the step ID and the value is the name of the step. To obtain a hash map you can use as input, use the pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceSteps service.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
Document List The list of control actions that have been executed. For each control action that was taken against a step in the process instance, the following fields are returned:
*ACTION String Type of action. The service returns a numerical value that represents the type of action as follows.
*1 Service Resubmit
*2 Document Resubmit
*3 Process Resubmit
*4 Process Suspend
*5 Process Resume
*6 Process Stop
*ACTIONDECODE String The keyword value that represents the action. The keyword is: Service Resubmit, Document Resubmit, Process Resubmit, Process Suspend, Process Resume, or Process Stop.
*USERNAME String User who initiated the control action.
*SERVERID String Server where the action was initiated.
*AUDITTIMESTRING String Time the action was logged in string format, YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.SSS zzz, where:
*YYYY-MM-DD is the date
*hh:mm:ss:SSS is the time, including milliseconds
*zzz is the time zone
*STEPID String The ID of the step against which the control action was executed. The step ID uniquely identifies a specific step within a specific process instance.
*INSTANCEITERATION Number The process instance iteration that contains the step against which the control action was executed.
*STEPITERATION Number The iteration of step against which the control action was executed.
String Error that occurred during the execution of this service if this service encountered an error.