Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.process.instance Folder | pub.monitor.process.instance:getRecentlySuspended
Retrieves information for the most recently suspended process instances. The service returns information for up to twenty process instances that were suspended in the last two weeks.
Input Parameters
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
Document List List of the most recently suspended process instances. For each process instance, the following fields are returned. For the process instance:
*AUDITTIMESTAMP Number Latest logged timestamp in epoch time; that is, the number of seconds since January 1, 1970.
*AUDITTIMESTRING String Latest logged timestamp in string format, YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.SSS zzz, where:
*YYYY-MM-DD is the date
*hh:mm:ss:SSS is the time, including milliseconds
*zzz is the time zone
*PARENTINSTANCEID String Parent instance ID, if any.
*PARENTINSTANCEITERATION Number Parent instance iteration, if any.
*INSTANCEID String Instance ID.
*INSTANCEITERATION Number Instance iteration.
*STATUS String Status code, which is 8 for suspended instances.
*STATUSDECODE String Status value, which is Suspended.
*PROCESSKEY String Internal model ID that Designer assigned to the process model used for the process instance.
*PROCESSKEYDECODE String User-defined name of the process model that was used for the process instance.
*CUSTOMID String The user-defined ID for the process instance that was assigned by executing the pub.prt.log:logCustomID service.