Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging Folder | pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessMetadata
Adds a definition for an integration process (known as process metadata) to the Process Audit Log database.
The process definition is comparable to an entry in the Process Audit Log for a process model that was created with Designer. In the same way you need to create a process model before you can execute process instances that use the model, you need to define the integration process definition before you can create instances of the integration process.
When you add the definition, as part of the process metadata, the service includes a blank image because there is no model diagram for the process. You cannot specify an image to associate with the process definition.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String An identifier (that is, process key) that you assign to the integration process, for example, OrderProcess. The value you specify for processKey must be 1 to 64 alphanumeric characters. You use this identifier in subsequent services when you want to reference this process definition. It is an internal identifier only; Monitor does not display this value.
String A process name that you assign to the integration process. The value you specify for processLabel must be 1 to 1024 alphanumeric characters. Monitor displays this value when listing information about the integration process.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
String The outcome of adding the process definition. If the service successfully added the process definition, result is “success.” If the service encountered an error attempting to add the process definition, result contains the exception.
Usage Notes
If this service encounters errors, you can review the errors on the My webMethods pages you use to monitor services.