Monitor 10.11 | pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging Folder | pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessError
Adds a process error message to an existing process instance in the Process Audit Log.
This service does not cause the integration process to fail. It also leaves the process status unchanged; that is, the process status is not updated to Failed.
Input Parameters
The following table lists the input parameters.
String The identifier of the process instance for which you want to add an error message. You assigned the process instance an identifier when you created the process instance using the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessInstance service.
A process instance ID is 1 to 32 alphanumeric characters.
String Optional. The name of the service in which the error occurred. This is typically the fully qualified name of the IS service that caused the process error. The value you specify for serviceName can be 1 to 512 characters and can include characters that are valid in IS service names. See webMethods Service Development Help for information about allowed characters.
String The text of the error message that describes the error message. The value you specify for errorMsg can be 1 to 1024 characters.
String Optional. The stack trace associated with the error. The value you specify for errorMsg can be 1 to 2000 characters.
Output Parameters
The following table lists the output parameters.
String The outcome of adding the error message to the process instance. If the service successfully added the error message, result is “success.” If the service encountered an error attempting to add the error message, result contains the exception.
Usage Notes
*You can view the error messages you add with this service using Monitor by viewing the Process Instance Detail page.
*If the service encounters an error, it logs an error to the PRA_ERROR table. You can view the error using Monitor with the Process Instance Detail page.