Monitor 10.11 | Process Monitoring | Path Forecasting for a Process Instance | Viewing Estimated Data for a Forecast Path
Viewing Estimated Data for a Forecast Path
*To view the estimated data forecast path of a process instance:
1. In My webMethods Server: Applications > Monitoring > Business > Process Instances
2. Click View Detail icon for your process instance in the Detail column.
3. In the Process Diagram panel, enable Path Forecasting by clicking the On radio button.
Monitor displays the Path Forecasting bar to the left of the process diagram.
4. Click one of the dots on Path Forecasting bar to see a forecast path for the process instance.
The different forecast paths are sorted from most common to least common by default. You can change the type of sorting from the drop-down list.
5. On the Path Information pop-up window, click Show Stats to view the estimated data for the forecast path.
When you select a forecast path, for which to view the estimated data, the path is highlighted. This shows whether the different parts of the path are completed (blue highlight) or not completed (black highlight). Forecast paths are always sequential and parallel paths are not taken into account.