Monitor 10.11 | Process Monitoring | Updating a Process Instance to a New Model Version
Updating a Process Instance to a New Model Version
When you update a process model to create a new version and then enable that new version, you can also update any or all of the currently running instances of that model so that they start using the newer version. You can update:
*All running instances. Do this by responding to prompts when you enable the new process model version. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling Process Model Versions.
*A single instance. Do this by clicking the Update button on the Process Instance Detail page, as described in the procedure below.
When you update a running instance, the instance begins to use the newer version with the next step that is executed.
If the new version is incompatible with the one the instance was originally using, the process instance will fail. For example, the instance might fail if the new instance no longer contains the next step that the instance was to execute.
For more information about creating a new process model version, see the topic “Working with Process Versions” in the webMethods BPM Process Development Help.
*To update a process instance to a new model version
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Process Instances.
2. Display information for the process instance that you want to upgrade as described in Viewing Detailed Information for a Process Instance.
3. Click Update in the Process Instance Information area on the Process Instance Detail page.
Monitor changes the process instance status to Revised, regardless of its previous status.