Monitor 10.11 | Process Monitoring | Working with the Process Instances Page | Customizing the Process Instance Search Options
Customizing the Process Instance Search Options
You can customize your search preferences with the Options tab on the Search panel
*To customize process instance search options
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Process Instances.
2. Click the Options tab.
3. Do any or all of the following:
*Specify which search tab appears by default (Keyword, Advanced, Saved, or Saved - Details).
*Specify a selected saved search. At least one saved search must exist to make this selection, otherwise the list is empty.
*Specify if the selected saved search is to be run automatically when the Process Instances page is opened.
4. Do either of the following:
*Enter a value in the Max Results field to limit the number of tasks returned as search results, or:
*Select the No Maximum check box to return all search results. Use care when selecting this option. For systems running a large number of process instances, response time may slow appreciably.
5. Click Save.