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Modifying the Default Header Rule for Internet Explorer
To be able to use Internet Explorer to view a process diagram on the Process Details page, you must modify the default header rule in My webMethods Server as well as certain browser settings.
*To apply modifications for using Internet Explorer version 9 and later
1. Log in to My webMethods Server as sysadmin.
2. In My webMethods Server: Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Manage Response Header Rules.
3. Click the link for the default rule IE - parameter for compatibility mode.
4. Make sure the Is Enabled check box is selected.
5. In the Result area, click the X-UA-Compatible parameter and then click Update.
6. In the Response Header dialog box, change the Value field to IE=edge.
7. Click Apply, then click Update Rule.
8. In Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites.
9. Click Sites and add the URL for the My webMethods Server host to the list of trusted sites.
10. Click the Advanced tab in Internet Options.
11. In the Accelerated graphics list, select the check box for Use Software rendering instead of GPU rendering.
12. Click OK.