Monitor 10.11 | Working with Process Models | Enabling and Disabling a Step for Resubmission
Enabling and Disabling a Step for Resubmission
A process instance with a “Completed” status may be resubmitted from any step in the instance, provided you have first enabled the step for resubmission before the process instance began executing. This setting has no effect on process instances that are currently running or that have already stopped running.
In addition to enabling steps for resubmission in Monitor as described below, you can also enable steps for resubmission in Software AG Designer. For more information about enabling and disabling steps for resubmission in Designer, see webMethods BPM Process Development Help.
If you want to be able to resubmit process instances from Monitor at certain steps, you must set the process model logging level to a level that will log the input pipelines for those steps. For more information, see About Process Model Logging Levels.
*To enable or disable a step for resubmission in Monitor
1. On the Business Processes page, search for the process model that contains the steps you want to enable.
2. In the search results, locate the process model you want to work with and click Edit icon Edit.
3. On the Edit Process page, click the Step Settings tab, and then do either of the following:
*Select the corresponding check box for a step you want to enable for resubmission.
*Clear the corresponding check box for a step to disable resubmission capability.
When a step is enabled for resubmission, the pipeline data for that step is saved. Extensive use of resubmittal enablement (for example, enabling all steps for all process models for resubmittal) may result in a reduction in performance.
4. Click Save.