Monitor 10.11 | Working with Process Models | Working with Stages and Milestones | Deleting a Stage
Deleting a Stage
If you leave the Stages tab after deleting a stage and before you have clicked Save, the deletion will be discarded.
Before you make modifications to process model stage settings, be aware of the interaction of these settings between Designer and webMethods Monitor. For more information, see About Synchronizing Stages and Events with Software AG Designer .
*To delete a stage
1. On the Business Processes page, locate the process model that you want to work with and click Edit icon Edit.
2. In the Process Stages and EDA Events window, click the Stages tab.
3. Click the option button Option button next to stage name for the stage you want to delete. To clear your selection, click the option button again
4. Click Delete.
5. Click Save.