Monitor 10.11 | Configuring Monitor | Granting Users Access to Monitor | Identifying the Audit Data on Which Users Can Perform Actions | Enabling Data-Level Security
Enabling Data-Level Security
When data-level security is disabled, users have unrestricted data access and can access all audit data. If you want to limit the data to which users have access, enable data-level security and then specifically identify the data to which different user roles have access.
*To enable data-level security for Monitor
1. In Integration Server Administrator for the Integration Server that hosts the WmMonitor package, click Packages > Management.
2. Click the Home icon for the WmMonitor package.
3. Select the Enable Data Level Security check box.
4. In the Data Level Security Administrator field, type the user name of a user who has access to all My webMethods data and all pages of the My webMethods user interface.
5. Click Submit to complete your settings.