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About Process Model Rendering
Modifying the Default Header Rule for Internet Explorer
Beginning with version 9.6, Monitor uses Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to render process model diagrams, both for models created in Designer 9.6 and later, and for process model diagrams that were created in Designer from version 8.2.2 to version 9.5.1. There may be minor cosmetic differences between how process model diagrams are rendered in Flash or GWT, but there are no significant functional differences.
To ensure that the browser loads the GWT rendering component properly, before viewing models with GWT, clear your browser's cache and history.
Minor Functional Differences Between GWT and Flash
When you view a process model that has been upgraded from an earlier version in GWT, note the following differences in functionality:
*Models displayed with GWT do not support the ability to grab and drag the image as is possible in a Flash-based display.
*In GWT, use the slider to change the zoom and focus of the diagram.
Using Internet Explorer
To use Internet Explorer version 9 and later to view process models rendered with GWT, you must configure the compatibility settings in My webMethods Server for your version of the browser, as well as modify certain browser settings. For more information, see Modifying the Default Header Rule for Internet Explorer.
For general information on configuring response headers, see the section, “Working with Response Header Rules” in Administering My webMethods Server.