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About webMethods Monitor
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webMethods Monitor consists of two primary components:
*The WmMonitor package that is installed on webMethods Integration Server.
*The Monitor User Interface that is installed in My webMethods Server.
Both of these components must be installed to enable webMethods Monitor operation. To work with Monitor, you log in to My webMethods Server and work with the Monitor user interface available there.
webMethods Monitor enables you to view a wide variety of information logged by webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Optimize for Process for business processes, services, and documents in your webMethods environment.
In addition to displaying logged information, Monitor enables you to:
*Resubmit documents, and edit them prior to resubmission.
*Resubmit services and processes (if you log pipeline data for those services and processes).
*Create and log audit data for integration processes.
*Archive your logged data. You can delete data instead of archiving it, and you can delete archived data as well.