Monitor 10.11 | Service Monitoring | Resubmitting a Service
Resubmitting a Service
You can resubmit a root-level service whose input pipeline was logged. The service can have any status.
To resubmit a service, an Integration Server remote server alias is required and the default Integration Server alias must exist and be unaltered. The default alias is used to resubmit a service when the original node on which the service was submitted is down.
When you resubmit a service, Monitor changes the status of the service to Resubmitted. Monitor then starts a new instance of the service and sets its status to Started. Monitor uses the context ID of the original service as the parent context ID for the new instance of the service. All data about the resubmission is logged for the new instance of the service.
To resubmit a service without first editing the input pipeline, search for the service, select the check box next to the service in the search results, and then click Resubmit.
To edit the input pipeline and then resubmit the service, search for the service, click View Detail icon View Detail for the service in the search results, and then click Edit Pipeline. On the Edit Pipeline page, update the fields, click OK, and then click Resubmit.
When you leave the Service Detail page, your changes are lost, so you must resubmit from this page.