Monitor 10.11 | Process Monitoring | About Resubmitting Process Instances and Process Steps | Requirements for Submitting Process Instances
Requirements for Submitting Process Instances
The following requirements apply to resubmitting completed or failed processes:
*Only webMethods-executed processes can be resubmitted. You must have a BPM or a BPM and BAM server environment selected in the Server list at the top of the Process Instances page.
*For a completed process, the step from which you want to resubmit the process instance must be enabled for resubmission before the process instance began executing. For more information about resubmit enabling, see Enabling and Disabling a Step for Resubmission.
*The logging level for the process model from which the instance was started must be set to a level that will log the input pipelines for those steps, as described in About Process Model Logging Levels.
*You must have privileges to resubmit process instances and any referenced processes that it may call. For more information, see Granting Users Access to Monitor and Identifying the Audit Data on Which Users Can Perform Actions.
*An Integration Server must be available. The resubmit buttons and their associated table check boxes are displayed only when this is the case.
*You have appropriate Integration Server ACL settings to resubmit the process instances to a remote Integration Server in a non-clustered environment. If not:
1. Create an ACL using Integration Server Administrator. Go to the Security > Access Control Lists page and create a new ACL to specify which user groups can access the remote server.
2. Go to the Settings > Remote Servers > Create Alias page, select the ACL created in the previous step from the Execute ACL list, and create a remote server alias.
When the Integration Servers are clustered, Monitor resubmits the process instances to its host Integration Server.