Monitor 10.11 | Process Monitoring | Viewing Detailed Information for a Process Step | About Process Instance Step Statuses
About Process Instance Step Statuses
The Process Instance Detail page displays status information for the execution of steps within a process instance.
The Process Diagram page displays a status icon next for each currently executing or completed step.
The following table lists these icons.
Running Status icon
Step is running.
Completed Status icon
Step has completed successfully.
Failed Status icon
Step failed.
Waiting Status icon
Step is waiting (for example, to receive an external document).
The Step Summary area displays a general status icon and a text status for each process step.
General status icons are as follows in the table below:
Green Status icon
The step is executing or executed without interruption or error.
Yellow Status icon
Statistically abnormal
The process instance has been suspended or stopped, or the step is running but possibly with errors.
Red Status icon
Out of compliance
The step failed, or completed but executed with an error.
Text statuses are as follows in the table below:
Step has completed processing.
The time specified for the step in the process model for an event to occur expired before the event was satisfied. For example, the time set for a join condition expired before a document required by the join condition arrived.
Step stopped because one or more errors occurred, or the step is no longer being tracked and is missing information.
Retries Exceeded
An attempt was made to execute the step more times than is specified.
Unsatisfied Join
A join definition for the step has not been satisfied. That is, some incoming transitions have not arrived.
Step has started but not completed.
Step was stopped.
Step is waiting for an event to occur (for example, the step might be waiting for a document to arrive).
Step has been interrupted by an interrupting boundary event.