Monitor 10.11 | Working with Process Models | Using the Business Processes Page | Working with the Edit Process Page | Process Diagram Window
Process Diagram Window
The Process Diagram window displays an image of the process model as it was designed in Designer, if an image is available for a webMethods-executed or externally executed process model. For information about how to ensure that process models render correctly, see the section, About Process Model Rendering.
Because integration processes are not modeled, Monitor cannot display a model image for an integration process.
You can right-click the diagram and use the following menu commands to resize the diagram and change the label display.
*Fit to screen. Fits the entire process model diagram on the screen. Click Restore to restore the diagram size to 100%. You can also use the slider on the left side of the screen to adjust the zoom level.
*Hide transition labels or Show transition labels. This menu command toggles to either hide or show labels on the transition lines between events or steps in the process.
*Show transition descriptions or Hide transition descriptions. This menu command toggles to hide or show transition descriptions. If no description is defined, the transition expression label appears when Show transition descriptions is selected. This option is mutually exclusive with Show/Hide transition expressions.
*Show transition expressions or Hide transition expressions. This menu command toggles to show or hide transition expressions. This option is mutually exclusive with Show/Hide transition descriptions.
*Truncate transition expressions/descriptions or Expand transition expression/descriptions. This menu command toggles to display full or shortened label descriptions.