Monitor 10.11 | Working with Process Models | Using the Business Processes Page | Working with the Edit Process Page | Process Information Administration Window | Process Details Tab
Process Details Tab
The Process Details tab displays fields that identify the process model, as follows in the table below:
Process Name
Name assigned to the process model in the tool where the model was created.
Model Version
Version of the process model, as set in Designer. The model version is applicable only for webMethods-executed process models.
You can only have a single version of externally executed and integration processes, and the model version for these types of processes is always set to 1.
Description of the process model defined in the tool in which the model was created.
For integration processes, this is the value of the input variable, processLabel in the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessMetadata service.
Created By
User name of the user who created the process model.
For integration processes, this is the user that invoked the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessMetadata service.
Date Deployed
Date and time the process model was last updated in the Process Audit Log database component:
*For a webMethods-executed process model version, the last time the version was built and uploaded for execution from Designer.
*For an externally executed process model, the last time the process model was uploaded for analysis from Designer.
*For an integration process, when the service, pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessMetadata, logged information about the process.
Execution Enabled
Whether Process Engine uses this version of a webMethods-executed process model to start new process instances. You can only enable one version of a webMethods-executed process model at a time.
This field is not applicable to externally executed and integration processes because the Process Engine does not manage the execution of these types of processes. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling Process Model Versions.
Analysis Enabled
Whether the process is made available to Optimize for monitoring and analysis. This column is available only when Optimize for Process is installed. For more information, see Enabling or Disabling a Process Model for Analysis.
This field is applicable only to webMethods-executed and externally executed process models. You cannot enable an integration process for analysis.
Indicates whether the process model version has been used for at least one process instance.
*Yes. The process model version has been used at least once.
*No. The process model version has never been used; that is, there have never been any instances of this model version. When a version of a model has never been used, you can delete the model version.
*Unavailable. Monitor is currently not able to provide use information because the server used to log instances of the model version is not available.