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About Process Model Data Logging
About Process Model Logging Levels
Improving Process Logging Performance
Configuring Logging Settings for a Process Model Version
Enabling and Disabling Process Instance Diagnostic Logging
Viewing a Process Instance Diagnostic Logging File
A Process Engine can log data for webMethods-executed process instances. You can view this data and perform actions on it in Monitor.
*For each process model version, you specify the amount and type of data to log in the Logging Level setting.
If you want to be able to resubmit process instances from Monitor at certain steps, you must set the logging level to a level that will log the input pipelines for those steps, and you must enable resubmission for each of those steps using the Resubmit Enabled setting, as described in Enabling and Disabling a Step for Resubmission.
*When Monitor renders a process diagram, it shows all the possible paths that can be taken within a process instances. If you want to see the path the process instances actually took at run time, use the Log Transitions setting to enable process transition logging for the process model version. The lines for the path that was actually executed are displayed as heavier lines.
*You can select the Diagnostic Logging option to specify that log messages from instances started from a process model are logged to a separate file for diagnostic purposes. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling Process Instance Diagnostic Logging.
When you regenerate a process model version, the logging settings return to the default values, and you must reset them if you want different settings.