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About Notifications
Mobile Monitor notifies you when a process instance fails by adding a count (alert) to the Notifications icon on the Business Processes screen. If there are any failed processes, the Notification icon displays a count of the number of failed processes, up to a maximum count of 100. By default, the app polls for new notifications every minute.
To view the list of failed process instances, tap Notifications in the sidebar or the Notifications icon at the top of the Business Processes screen. Tap the process instance to view the process instance details.
The Notifications screen shows a maximum of ten instances per screen. To navigate through the list, tap Show More or Show Previous.
Unread process instances display with a red background. Mobile Monitor retains the list of failed notifications until you clear it. When you exit and relaunch the app, Mobile Monitor retrieves new notifications and adds them to the existing list of failed notifications. To clear the Notification counter, tap Mark all as read or the X icon at the top of the Notifications screen.
You can configure which information about a process instance displays in the Notifications screen, the notification polling interval, and whether notifications are enabled. For information about configuring notifications, see Configuring Mobile Monitor .