Monitor 10.11 | Defining, Executing, and Logging Integration Processes | Defining an Integration Process
Defining an Integration Process
This example shows how you can use the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging services to define an integration process, the steps in the process, and the fields to log for the process.
Defining an Integration Process
The following table describes how to define an integration process.
To add a definition for the integration process, invoke the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createProcessMetadata service. The process definition is comparable to an entry for a process model that was created with Designer.
After you add a process definition, you can add steps to the process. To add a definition for a step, invoke the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createStepMetadata service.
After you add a step definition, you can add definitions for one or more logged fields that are associated with the step. To add a logged field and associate it with a step, invoke the pub.monitor.integrationProcessLogging:createLoggedFieldMetadata service. Logged field definitions are comparable to custom data in a process model that was created with Designer.
In the example above, two logged fields are defined for and associated with the first step of the integration process.
Continue adding steps and logged fields for the steps. In the example above, a second and third step are added. One logged field is defined for and associated with the third step.