Monitor 10.11 | Configuring Monitor | Overview of the Monitor Configuration
Overview of the Monitor Configuration
This chapter covers mandatory configuration tasks for Monitor. Most configuration tasks are described in this chapter. Additional configuration tasks, as listed in the following table, are described in other chapters and other guides.
Create the databases that store the data to be monitored.
Installing Software AG Products
Configure logging for services and documents.
webMethods Audit Logging Guide
Configure logging for custom fields in services.
webMethods Service Development Help
For webMethods-executed processes:
*Configure process instance audit logging.
*Specify process step input and output document fields to log as run-time values.
webMethods BPM Process Development Help
*If you log process transitions so you can see the path the process took at runtime, set the model image format.
Working with My webMethods
Configure audit logging for integration processes.
Configure analysis for webMethods-executed and externally executed processes using Optimize for Process.
Administering webMethods Optimize