Monitor 10.11 | Concepts | Data You Can Monitor
Data You Can Monitor
Monitoring Flow and Coded Services
Monitoring Documents
Monitoring webMethods-Executed Process Instances
Monitoring Externally Executed Processes
Monitoring Integration Processes
Monitoring Dynamically-Invoked Processes
webMethods products log the following types of data for monitoring with webMethods Monitor:
*Audit data for flow and coded (for example, Java) services.
*Audit data for Integration Server and webMethods Broker (deprecated) documents.
*Audit data for webMethods-executed process instances.
*Audit data for externally executed processes.
For detailed information about Integration Server logging, see the webMethods Audit Logging Guide.
Optimize Analytic Engines log business and process audit data for externally executed business processes. For detailed information, see Administering webMethods Optimize.