Monitor 10.11 | Archiving or Deleting Data in an Archive Database | Archiving or Deleting Audit Data Using Built-in Services
Archiving or Deleting Audit Data Using Built-in Services
The pub.monitor.archive folder in the WmMonitor package contains services for archiving and deleting audit data. You can run the services in Designer, or you can use Integration Server Administrator to schedule the services to run automatically at specific times or intervals. Running the services regularly minimizes the time required to process the data.
To schedule a service for archiving or deleting, build a wrapper service that calls the service and sets the service's input parameters, then run the wrapper service as a scheduled task from Integration Server Administrator. The wrapper service executes for the first time immediately after you schedule the task. For instructions on scheduling services, see webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
The archive and delete services are located in the directory, Integration Server_directory \instances\instance_name\packages\WmMonitor\pub\ monitor\archive, are described in webMethods Monitor Built-In Services Reference.
For Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DB2, the default values for all archive and delete service parameters are stored in OPERATION_PARAMETER in the Archive database. You can change the defaults in the table by running the pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters service. You can override the defaults for specific archive or delete actions by specifying values on the relevant parameters when you run the archive and delete services.