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EntireX Process Extractor Glossary

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Adabas SQL Gateway

The Adabas SQL Gateway, also referred to as CONNX for Adabas, allows standard SQL applications, such as Microsoft Office, to quickly and easily access data stored in Adabas. Adabas SQL Gateway is a prerequisite product for extracting business process data with Adabas Process Extractor.


ApplinX is a server-based technology that provides Web-based applications an efficient, robust and easy way to access and integrate core system applications' data and transactions, without changing the core systems. ApplinX exposes core systems and encapsulates them into standard programmatic components of the new selected environment (Web services, .NET, J2EE, XML). These components can then be used as advanced building blocks in any modern platform - for new applications or existing ones (e.g. CRM applications). This way, core back-office systems can be integrated into new strategic IT platforms, and the workflow can be re-engineered to suit a more streamlined and efficient task-oriented and role-based approach.


ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems). ARIS is a framework for developing and optimizing integrated information systems and for describing their implementation. The ARIS concept serves as a model for creating, analyzing, and evaluating business management process chains.

ARIS Agent

Program that autonomously monitors and manages ARIS Business Server processes.

ARIS Business Architect

Modeling tool of the ARIS product family that runs within a browser or as an application. It enables Internet modeling of business processes.

ARIS Business Server

ARIS application server, the computer on which applications are run.

ARIS MashZone

ARIS MashZone is a graphical tool that enables you to combine process-relevant data from different sources to create analytical dashboards and charts - so-called MashApps.

ARIS Toolset

Windows-based client used to model, analyze and simulate business processes.

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Customizing Toolkit (CTK). The ARIS PPM Customizing Toolkit is a tool for configuring the ARIS PPM.

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webMethods EntireX is a secure, robust, high-performance communication infrastructure that uniquely combines message queuing capabilities with built-in support for synchronous request/reply and conversational communication. It manages interactions for tightly coupled XML-enabled and non-XML enabled systems in time-critical user applications. EntireX's powerful and easy-to-use wrapping technology and flexible programming interfaces turn existing application functions into business services or Web services. These features allow an organization to define an integration architecture for enhancing existing applications, linking up legacy applications with new standard software or adding new custom applications to the mix.

EntireX Process Extractor

The EntireX Process Extractor extracts process-relevant data from an RPC data stream and maps this data to XML format as input for the ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM).

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ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) enables organizations to analyze business process information and extract/import required data through direct data management. ARIS PPM also provides various analysis and monitoring options.

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Screen Process Extractor

The Screen Process Extractor extracts process-relevant data from 3270/5250 screens and provides it to ARIS PPM. The Screen Process Extractor is based on ApplinX technology, but the data can be extracted from virtually any terminal emulation or screen scraping tool on the market.

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Terminal Emulation Proxy

The ApplinX Terminal Emulation Proxy redirects emulation network traffic for tracing purposes.

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