Platform Coverage

Detailed information regarding supported operating system versions, General Availability (GA), platform retirement, End of Maintenance (EOM), and End of Sustained Support (EOSS) dates for your products can be found under Products & Documentation > Product Version Availability on Software AG's Empower website

Software AG provides EntireX support for the operating/teleprocessing system versions supported by their respective manufacturers. In general, when an operating/teleprocessing system provider stops supporting a version of an operating/teleprocessing system, Software AG will stop supporting that operating/teleprocessing system version.

  z/OS Linux Windows
z/VSE BS2000 IBM i
EntireX Broker x(3) x x   x  
Designer   x(6) x      
EntireX Adapter   x(7) x      
EntireX RPC            
RPC Server for Batch x       x  
RPC Server for CICS x          
RPC Server for IMS x          
COBOL Server/Client x     x x x
PL/I Server/Client x          
RPC Server/Client for C x(8) x x   x(4)  
RPC Server/Client for Java x(2) x x      
RPC Server/Client for XML/SOAP x(2) x x      
RPC Server for IBM MQ x(2) x x      
Listener for IBM MQ x(2) x x      
DCOM RPC Client     x(5)      
RPC Server/Client for .NET     x(1)      
RPC-ACI Bridge x(2) x x      
RPC Server for CICS IPIC x(2) x x      
RPC Server for CICS ECI x(2) x x      
RPC Server for CICS Socket Listener x(2) x x      
RPC Server for IMS Connect x(2) x x      
RPC Server for AS/400   x x      
EntireX ACI            
Broker Stubs x x x x x x
Java ACI x x x      
ActiveX Control/TOR Editor     x      
Command Central   x x      
Broker Agent x x x      
Attach Manager   x x      
Application Monitoring Data Collector   x x      

In accordance with the license agreement you concluded with Software AG, your EntireX license includes either full functionality or specific EntireX components.



Microsoft Visual Studio Wizard for EntireX .NET Wrapper is provided for 32 and 64-bit applications on Windows 64-bit operating systems.

(2) These components are included as a TAR file in the z/OS installation kit and must be copied to your z/OS UNIX environment. See Installing EntireX Java Components under z/OS UNIX.
(3) Batch only. "Broker" here refers to the broker kernel, also known as broker nucleus. In all versions of EntireX under z/OS, the EntireX broker kernel runs in batch mode only, either as a job or a started task. It does not run under TSO, CICS, Com-plete or any other online environment.
(4) Only servers are supported.
(5) 32-bit application that runs on 64-bit platforms.
(6) For list of supported Linux platforms see System Requirements for Software AG Products (Adabas and Natural, Apama, Integration & API) under Software AG Suite & Cross-Product Guides.
(7) EntireX Adapter supports all platforms supported by the respective version of the Integration Server with the exception of the Mac OS platform.
(8) Only clients are supported.