EntireX CentraSite Integration

See also Listener for XML/SOAP.

Introduction to EntireX CentraSite Integration

Web services created with EntireX can be published to CentraSite. CentraSite offers enhanced registry functionality, and also repository functionality that enables you to store web services artifacts and register interdependencies for impact analysis.

The information that is published to CentraSite is the EntireX web service, using JAXR.

The EntireX web services archive (AAR file) is stored in CentraSite's repository (WebDAV) according to the folder structure of the Eclipse project containing the service. The WSDL of the service is stored at the same location. This is the WSDL that is displayed in the browser after deployment.

See Publishing an EntireX Web Service to CentraSite.

CentraSite Integration

If CentraSite is installed in your system, additional features for the integration of the results of your work with EntireX web services are available. With this version you can publish your EntireX web services to CentraSite. For this purpose it is necessary to install the CentraSite Eclipse plug-ins.

CentraSite Configuration

Start of instruction setTo create the CentraSite connection

  1. Start Eclipse if it is not already running.

  2. Choose Window > Preferences.

  3. In the preferences, choose CentraSite > Connections.

Add or edit the connection to your CentraSite.

Publishing an EntireX Web Service to CentraSite

Start of instruction setTo publish a web service to CentraSite

  1. Note:
    Publishing an EntireX web service to CentraSite is only possible after deploying the service archive (AAR file) to Web Services Stack Runtime. To publish a web service, the Web Services Stack Runtime must be available.

    Choose Web Services Stack > Register Web Service Package from the context menu of the EntireX service archive (AAR file). A wizard page Publish to CentraSite appears.

  2. Complete the user credentials if necessary.

  3. Select the desired Organisation for which the services are to be published.

  4. The Deployment screen appears. Here you can specify the location where the web service was deployed to.

  5. Choose Finish to publish the service.