Writing Applications with the Web Services Wrapper for Natural

If you have generated and deployed a Web service from one or more Natural subprograms, you can use a variety of Web service application development tools to develop web service client applications, for example Microsoft Visual Studio, Java Frameworks such as Axis2 and others. These are not covered in detail here. However, this document describes how to test a generated Web service with the EntireX XML Tester. You can launch the EntireX XML Tester from the context menu of a Web services archive .aar:


On the toolbar of the EntireX XML Tester you can initiate the generation of a sample XML/SOAP request message that complies with the interface definition of the service.


Some default values for the request parameters are generated into the sample SOAP request. You can edit them according to your needs and send the message to the Web service, using the Play button on the toolbar.


The SOAP response is displayed in the output pane of the XML tester and can be viewed there in different formats.

For more information, see EntireX XML Tester in the XML/SOAP Wrapper documentation.