EntireX UDDI Registration

See also Web Services Wrapper.


EntireX UDDI Registration is a tool with which you can register a Web service with any UDDI registry for which you have an account.

Registering a Web Service in a UDDI Registry

Once a Web service has been created, it can be registered with any UDDI registry using the UDDI Registration Wizard. The prerequisites are:

  • registry supports UDDI version 2.0

  • an account with the desired registry (user ID and password)

  • at least one Business Entity registered at this account

The EntireX Web service is stored as a Business Service within a Business Entity. If you have previously registered multiple Business Entities with your account, they will be displayed by the UDDI Wizard. One of these must be selected.

Start of instruction setTo register a Web service with a UDDI registry

  1. With Window > Preferences > Software AG > UDDI Registry you can enter one or more addresses for the available UDDI registries.

  2. From the context menu of the WSDL file, choose Properties.

    • Change the EntireX Web service registration settings if necessary (Service Name, Service Description and a valid and accessible WSDL URL).

    • Choose OK to leave the Properties Dialog.

  3. From the context menu of the WSDL file, choose Register Web Service.

    • Select the Registry where you want to register the service.

    • Enter User ID and Password if necessary.

      Press Next to continue.

    • A query is sent to the UDDI Registry and a page is displayed from which you can select the Business from the list of businesses available to you (these businesses are set up by the UDDI Registry administrator). Continue with Next.

    • A page is displayed with the properties defined in step 3. You can change these values. Confirm with Finish.

    • A page is displayed with the URL of the Web service, which you can modify. Choose Register to complete the registration.

If your registry is CentraSite, you need at least the role CentraSiteUser to publish data to the CentraSite UDDI registry. If you do not have this role and try to get a UDDI authToken, the UDDI get_authToken request will fail with an authentication exception.