EntireX and your Java Applications

The EntireX documentation contains the following Java-related topics:

EntireX Java ACI

EntireX Java ACI is a Java class library that provides access to the EntireX Broker ACI for Java programmers. It covers the whole EntireX Broker ACI which enables you to write both client and server applications in Java. Any of these can then interact with each other and with other applications written in other languages on the same network using EntireX Broker. The EntireX Java ACI also contains the framework necessary for Java RPC requests. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

Java Wrapper

The EntireX Java Wrapper provides access to EntireX RPC-based components from Java applications. With EntireX Java RPC you can develop both client and server applications written in Java. Java applets can also be used as EntireX RPC clients. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC Server for Java

The EntireX RPC Server for Java allows standard RPC clients to communicate with servers written in Java. It works together with the Java Wrapper and calls Java server interface objects. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC-ACI Bridge

The EntireX RPC-ACI Bridge allows standard RPC clients to communicate with an ACI server. The RPC-ACI Bridge transforms RPC requests from clients into ACI messages. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

See also Designer.