Installing EntireX Design-time outside the Designer

This section is applicable if you want to install the EntireX design-time outside of the Software AG Designer, that is, not as part of the full webMethods EntireX installation.


Prerequisites for all EntireX components are described centrally. See Prerequisites in the Release Notes. EntireX supports the Eclipse version provided with the respective webMethods suite.


The webMethods installation contains a folder <installation_root>\Designer\updates with archived update sites of all the features installed. To install the EntireX design-time into Eclipse, use the archived update sites:




The Eclipse features and com.softwareag.wsstack.ui_n.n.n.nnn are prerequisites for installing the EntireX design-time outside the Designer. All features listed above can be installed in one installation step.

See Designer for more information.

Installation Steps

Installation in GUI Mode

Follow the instruction in the Eclipse online help under Help > Help Contents > Workbench User Guide > Tasks > Updating and installing software. Install the three features listed above. You can use drag-and-drop to add the three archived update sites from the folder <suite installation folder>\Designer\updates to the list of update sites to visit.

Installing Updates to your own Eclipse

To install updates to your own Eclipse you need a Software AG Designer installation with EntireX design-time of the same version as for your Eclipse.

Start of instruction setTo install the updates

  1. Use the Software AG Update Manager to install the latest fixes of EntireX design-time into the Software AG Designer. After installation you will find a folder <installation_root>\install\fix\backup\Designer\repo.

    • If your own Eclipse is on the same machine, you can define this folder as local Update Site for your Eclipse.

    • If your Eclipse is on a different machine, transfer this folder and all its subfolders to the other machine and define it there as local Update Site.

    Under some circumstances, an Eclipse error message indicates that file repo could not be found. You can ignore this message.

  2. Choose Help > Check for Update and select the EntireX update.

  3. Install the Update.

Follow these steps again for every new update.

Uninstalling the EntireX Design-time

Uninstalling the Designer plug-ins is done with the Uninstall wizard described under Help > Help Contents > Workbench User Guide > Tasks > Updating and installing software.