EntireX IDL Preferences

This document covers the following topics:

Defaults for EntireX Wrappers

In the Preferences page you can specify defaults for Broker ID and service description (class/server/service) that are used in the various EntireX Wrappers.

Start of instruction setTo specify defaults

  • Start Designer and choose Window > Preferences > Software AG > EntireX.

Start of instruction setTo overwrite the preferences

  • From the context menu of the IDL file, choose Properties.

    You can change the preferences for each IDL file individually.


Storing IDL Properties in an External File

When archiving an EntireX project with the export feature of Eclipse or the check-in feature of a revision control system such as Subversion or CVS, you can use an external properties file to store the properties of your IDL files. These properties are restored from this external file when the project is imported or checked out.

This feature is not the default behavior and must be enabled for source and target environment as described below.

Start of instruction setTo enable the creation of external properties files

  1. Start Designer and choose Window > Preferences > Software AG > EntireX and check the box Use external properties file....

  2. Modify the properties of your IDL file. If you make any changes to default values, these changes will be stored in a properties file with the name <name>.idl.xml.

When you archive your EntireX project using the Eclipse or a revision control system, make sure the external properties file is included for every IDL file. When you recreate your EntireX project in the same or a different environment, the properties of the IDL file are restored from the external properties file. In the target system, the box Use external properties file... must also be checked.