Preparing for IMS Connect

This document describes how to prepare for connections to IMS.

If the terms and concepts in this document are unfamiliar to you, ask an appropriate IMS system programmer. Only authorized personnel should make changes to mainframe computer systems.

Extracting from Message Format Service (MFS)

To extract interface definitions from Message Format Service (MFS) with MID and MOD definitions, use a command-line extractor. Run the extractor with the following command:

java -classpath <suite installation folder>\IntegrationServer\packages\WmEntireX\code\jars\entirex.jar com.softwareag.entirex.ims.extractor.MFSExtractor <inputfile>

The input file must be an MFS source with MID and MOD definitions. The output is an IDL file with the same name as the input file and suffix ".idl". Use the IDL file to generate connections and adapter services with the Integration Server Wrapper.

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