Using EntireX Java ACI

EntireX Java ACI is a Java class library (Java package) that provides access to the EntireX Broker ACI for Java programmers. You can visualize it as the Java "language binding" for the EntireX Broker ACI. In this way, it is related to, for example, the C and Natural language interfaces.

EntireX Java ACI comes as a single Java package: com.softwareag.entirex.aci. All of the EntireX Broker ACI functionality is wrapped in a system of collaborating classes. Thus, it should appeal equally well to both the experienced Java programmer and to those familiar with the EntireX Broker ACI. The package also contains the framework for RPCs.

The class library is packaged in the entirex.jar file which can be found in the classes subdirectory of the EntireX installation.

Since EntireX Java ACI is only a thin interface layer to communicate with EntireX Broker, little "local" knowledge is implemented in it. All essential information will be passed to and received from EntireX Broker itself.

Documentation of the classes consists of the documentation generated by Javadoc and the documentation of the core API shipped with the JDK. This provides quick recognition for those familiar with this format.