Broker ActiveX Control Introduction

Broker ActiveX Control provides a programmatic interface to COM-enabled programming environments. It has two types of operation: the Broker ACI and transaction objects. Broker ActiveX Control enables the user to create EntireX ACI clients and EntireX ACI servers.

This document covers the following topics:

Broker ACI

The Broker ACI provides a simple automation API that is one-to-one compatible with the published EntireX Broker ACI. It provides Broker ActiveX Control properties and corresponding property pages for the control parameters detailed in the Broker ACI fields. This API is conceptually compatible with current Broker programming practices. Further, the Broker ActiveX Control programmer can count on programmatic behavior consistent with programming the Broker API directly, such as non-blocking calls and polling for completion.

Transaction Objects

Broker ActiveX Control generates ActiveX automation server interfaces dynamically at runtime from files in the Transaction Object Repository (TOR).

Broker ActiveX Control transaction objects provide a dictionary subsystem and user interface that will allow the EntireX Broker developer to define a dynamic IDispatch interface. This interface allows received data to be accessed with the traditional automation methodology.

The transaction object definition of a method also includes parsing up the SEND and RECEIVE buffers of a Broker message into parameters and return properties respectively. The transaction objects are loaded at runtime and the ActiveX container can then call the methods of that transaction object to send/receive data.

See Transaction Objects in Broker ActiveX Control for more information.