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Design-Time Considerations for Digital Event Services
In Software AG Designer, you develop Integration Server and Apama applications that communicate with one another by exchanging digital events. Each digital event type has an associated digital event type definition that is created and stored in the digital event type repository for the installation. You can use both Integration Server and Apama tooling to generate a digital event type from their native type definitions.
The ownership of a digital event type is non-transferable and belongs to a single application.
Consider the following information when developing applications that use Software AG Digital Event Services (DES) to communicate:
*Do not create the same digital event type definition from both an Apama event type and an Integration Server document type. This constraint applies to both digital event types and the digital event types that they require implicitly in their event type definitions.
*Start by generating a digital event type from an Integration Server document type when an Integration Server application processes digital events. Integration Server does not support the creation of Integration Server document types from digital event types.
*Do not modify Apama event types that you generate from a digital event type. Instead, modify the source Integration Server document type and re-generate the digital event type from it. Use Apama tooling to re-generate the Apama event type definition from the digital event type.