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Deployment of Digital Event Types
Considerations for Deploying Digital Event Types
Deployment, in the context of Software AG Digital Event Services (DES), is the process of provisioning a run-time environment with digital event types.
You use repository-based deployment in webMethods Deployer to deploy digital event type composites to one or more target runtimes. You must install the Asset Build Environment (ABE) to use repository-based deployment.
The digital event type composites that you create prior to deployment must have a specific structure in order to be deployable using Deployer.
You create digital event types from the native document type definitions of Apama and Integration Server by synchronizing them to a local event type repository for the installation. The local event type repository is the source for the digital event type composites. When you run the ABE build script, the script searches the specified event type repositories and creates a composite for all digital event types in it.
Digital event type definitions are individual assets that the Asset Build Environment packs into zip archives. A single zip file can contain multiple event type definitions.
For more information about installing the Asset Build Environment, see Installing Software AG Products. For more information about building composites for repository-based deployment, see webMethods Deployer User’s Guide.