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Subscriber MBean
Monitors the subscribers to Digital Event Services (DES) event types.
MBean Name,eventType=event_type_name,category=Subscribers,subscriber=subscriber_name
where event_type_name is the name of the event type and subscriber_name is the unique name that DES generated for the subscriber.
Note: You can retrieve the subscriber ID that you specify when creating a durable subscriber from the subscriberId attribute.
MBean Attributes
The following table lists the attributes of the Subscriber MBean and their descriptions:
String. The identifier of a subscriber.
String. The type of the subscriber. Values are:
*Exclusive durable
*Shared durable
*Priority durable
*Exclusive non-durable
For more information about the different types of subscribers, see webMethods Service Development Help.
String. The name of the source service from which the subscriber receives events.
String. The status of the subscriber. Values are:
*Active - the subscriber is working as expected.
*Inactive - the subscriber is closed but still subscribed.
*Not configured - no source service is configured for the event type, or the source service is removed from the configuration after the subscriber was created.
If the source service in a service group is an In-Process (IP) service, the status of shared durable subscribers and priority durable subscribers is Not configured. The IP service does not support priority durable and shared durable subscribers.
Note: When a subscriber is closed and unsubscribed, its MBean is unregistered. In this case, the subscriber has no status.
String. An explanation of the current subscriber status.
Long. The number of events received by the subscriber, including redelivered events.
Instant. The time when the last event was received by the subscriber.
Long. The number of redelivered events received by the subscriber.
Instant. The time when the last redelivered event was received by the subscriber.
Long. The number of events acknowledged by the client event processor associated with the subscriber.
Instant. The time of the last event acknowledgement by the client event processor associated with the subscriber.

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