Software AG Digital Event Services 10.3 | Using Digital Event Persistence | Adding Dynamic Service Information to Digital Event Types
Adding Dynamic Service Information to Digital Event Types
By default, Digital Event Persistence provides the following digital event types in which you include values for any variables defined in a dynamic service configuration:
*des.evs.DynamicServiceConfiguration - contains a configuration field that contains an array of des.evs.KeyValuePair event types:
des.evs.DynamicServiceConfiguration : event
configuration : des.evs.KeyValuePair[]
*des.evs.KeyValuePair - provides the variable and variable values defined within the dynamic service configuration:
des.evs.KeyValuePair : event
key: string
value : string
When the Digital Event Persistence service encounters a dynamic service configuration field within a published event, the information provided in the key/value pairs is used to perform variable substitution for the fields in which variables are declared.
You can find the two event types in Software AG_directory \common\DigitalEventServices\TypeRepository\eventtypes\des\evs.
The following example shows a digital event type that uses dynamic service configuration by defining a header field of type des.evs.DynamicServiceConfiguration.
WebM.Des.Sample.OrderManagement.DynamicPurchaseOrderCreated : event
@EventId(path = "EventId")
@EventTime(path = "EventStart")
Header : des.evs.DynamicServiceConfiguration
EventId : string
EventStart : time
OrderNumber : int32
OrderDateTime : time
CustomerName : string
Attachment : bytes
BillingAddress : WebM.Des.Sample.OrderManagement.PurchaseOrderAddress
ShippingAddress : WebM.Des.Sample.OrderManagement.PurchaseOrderAddress
RequestedShipDate : string
RequestedShipTime : string
SalesRepName : string
OrderTotal : float64
LineItems : WebM.Des.Sample.OrderManagement.PurchaseOrderItem[]

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