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Global Search in the Data Steward user Interface
The global search feature in the New UI allows you to search for any data within OneData data structures and in the metadata of data objects. Object metadata include attributes such as, object name, object physical name, column physical names, column captions, and constraint captions. You can perform searches independently in the work area and in the release area.
You can perform a global search in two ways: full-text search by using the search bar in the Data Steward user interface or use the Data Explorer browse window.
Full-Text Global Search
OneData uses the Elasticsearch engine to perform a full-text global search in the Data Steward user interface.
As you type your search string, OneData autocomplete feature suggests all possible matches to your search string. The autocomplete suggestions also display columns that match your search criteria.
Apart from the search strings, you can define filters which allow for more granular filtering. For example, filter criteria that allow you to identify records that were created within a particular time frame or by certain users. If you have specified any data structure Type to filter your search results, the search result is limited only to the selected data structure type.
Note: The full-text global search feature does not support BLOB, CLOB and multi-select columns. These data types are excluded from the search result.
Data Explorer Search
When you use the Data Explorer browse window to search for objects and folders, OneData searches the database to return the search results. This search is faster than the full-text global search, and does not require Elasticsearch installation. It helps you to avoid indexing and other problems that can arise when using the Elasticsearch server as the search engine.
The Data Explorer search does not, however, include ease-of-use features of Elasticsearch, such as auto-complete suggestions.

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