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Scheduling Specific Reports from the Reports Menu
You can schedule specific reports from the individual reports.
Note: In Job Center (Administer > Job Center) you can schedule any report by selecting it from the list of reports. Whereas, if you access Job Center through the report, you can schedule only that particular report.
* To schedule a specific report using the Reports menu
1. On the Menu toolbar, access the appropriate reports menu option.
*To schedule a published report, click Manage > Publish Reports.
*To schedule a personal report, click View > Reports > My Reports.
2. Navigate to the report you want to schedule and select it.
3. Click Report Job Definition to display the report properties.
4. Define the Report Job Definition properties as follows and click Save.
a. In Recipient User List, click the Select Values lookup icon to select the recipients that will automatically receive the report. Click Set Values to save selected users before navigating to another page.
Selected users are populated in the Recipient User List field.
b. In Additional Users, enter email addresses of external report recipients.
c. In Report Format, select the output format of the report. The default is HTML.
d. In Notification Option for No Data Change, specify whether users are notified if the report data has not changed since the last time the report was run.
e. In Job Result Notification, optionally specify a user to be notified when the reporting job completes or if the reporting job generates errors.
f. Click Save.
5. Click Report Job Definition again to return to the schedule menu.
6. Click Job Center to display the current run schedule for the selected report.
7. Select the Schedule icon to create or modify the run time.
8. Complete the schedule details and click Save.
The report runs as scheduled.

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