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Running Customized System Reports
You can create this report when seeking detailed metadata information on a particular data object, remote object, metadata only object, user or row filters in the system.
* To create a customized system report
1. On the Menu toolbar, click View > Reports > System Reports.
2. Click Customized Report.
3. Select the object type for the report in the Object Type field:
*Data object. Selects all the system objects for reporting on specific object properties
*Metadata Only Object. Selects metadata objects to display information about objects, such as filters, owners, workflow, object structure, security privileges, and subscribing steps.
*Remote snapshot. Selects a remote snapshot of the selected objects and object properties.
*User. Selects system users to determine user object privileges.
*Row Filter. Selects the row filters for the selected objects and users.
4. Select the data to include on the report. (This varies according to the object type.)
Note: Click Set Values to add a value to the field before navigating to another page. Selected values display in the corresponding filter field. If there are mulitple pages of results, use the arrows to navigate between pages or use the search filter to find specific values.
5. Click Next.
OneData generates a report with the specified data.
Note: You can download the customized report if you select the object type as User or Row Filter. You can generate the report on row filters based on users or objects by selecting User, Object or Object, User by selecting the appropriate option in the Group By field before selecting the required objects.

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