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Running a Repository Contents Report
The repository contents report is used to report on data, security, and system objects. You can select the level of information required by selecting the options available in the Level of detail attribute.
* To create a repository contents report
1. On the Menu toolbar, click View > Reports > System Reports.
2. Click Repository Contents Report.
3. Specify the report properties:
a. Select the Level of detail:
*Summary. Generate summary reports with the count of selected components, security objects, and system objects.
*Level 1. Reports with minimum details about the selected objects.
*Level 2. Detailed description of the selected objects.
b. Specify the date range during which the reports were created.
c. Select the Component object types to include, if any.
d. Specify Security Objects to include, if any.
Note: Users and Roles are automatically selected if the report includes security objects.
e. Specify the System Objects to include, if any.
f. Click Next.
OneData generates the repository report for the select objects.

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