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Running a Published or Personal Report
After creating a report, you can run them and obtain the results for viewing purpose or download them in excel
* To run a published or personal report
1. On the Menu toolbar, use the reporting menu option for the report type:
*To view a published report, click Manage > Publish Reports.
*To view a personal report, click View > Reports > My Reports.
2. Navigate to the report that you want to run and select it.
3. Click Run Report to generate a report with the current snapshot of production data.
4. If the report is a Prompted Report, select the required data and click Run Report.
OneData generates the report.
5. To export the data to Excel, click Export to Excel. If the number of records exceeds the maximum value defined in the onedata.job.attachmentmaxrecordcount property, OneData displays a warning and the option to continue or stop the export.

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