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Inserting Records into Supertype Subtype Objects
Inserting a Record in the Supertype Object with a Subtype
Inserting a Record in a Supertype Object Only
A supertype-subtype construct is a configuration in OneData where data is linked in such a way that common values can be updated simultaneously across multiple objects. The object with common values is set up as the supertype, and the objects with unique values are set up as the subtypes. An insert in the supertype object will automatically trigger an insert into the subtype object. Therefore, although both configurations will work, it makes more sense logically to create a conceptual object for the supertype-subtype construct.
For information on creating supertype subtype objects, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
OneData allows you to insert a record into the supertype object, but the procedure varies depending on whether there is a an existing subtype entity. Use the insert procedure that corresponds to your scenario:
*Inserting a record with an existing subtype entity. OneData automatically displays a selector for the subtype.
*Inserting a record with no existing subtype entity and no Nova value in the supertype indicator column.

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