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Creating Relationships Between Records in Network Recursive Conceptual Objects
A network recursive structure is a structural entity that comprises related tables where records in one table are related to one or more records in another table or tables. This allows you to create many-to-many relationships between records. A network recursive data object looks and functions like a regular data object, but the hierarchical relationships are more easily viewed using a conceptual object. Network recursive conceptual objects include the Add Relationship function.
There are multiple ways to add a hierarchy in a network recursive conceptual object. You can add a relationship to another object using drag-and-drop feature or by adding a record when viewing the object through the primary axis. The primary axis visually displays the relationship between objects in a hierarchical format.
* To establish a new relationship between existing records
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. Optionally, enter filtering criteria and click Apply Filter to display records.
4. In network recursive objects in tree view, navigate to the parent record in the navigation panel. (The details for the selected record display in the right panel.)
Tip: Click the Open Next Level icon or Open All Levels to display the records that are part of the hierarchy.
5. Establish the new relationship by doing either of the following:
*Click Insert > Add Relationship.
*Choose the Primary Axis from the object selection and click Add Entry in the right panel.
Tip: You can also use drag-and-drop to copy a record to the parent record. The previous relationship is also retained because it is a many-to-many relationship.
6. Define the data fields, including the new child relationship and click Save.
OneData defines the new relationship.

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