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Inserting Records into a Hierarchical Data Object
In OneData, you can insert new records in individual child or parent data objects that are part of a hierarchy. Use the following procedure for creating new records for data, self recursive, and network recursive objects.
* To insert a new child or parent record
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. Optionally, enter filtering criteria and click Apply Filter to display records.
4. Click Insert > Insert or Insert > Insert Multiple.
5. Complete the fields for the new record or records. If the object is a child object, select the relevant parent object in the field definition.
Note: If the cardinality rule is set, OneData will prompt you to enter details that comply with the cardinality rule.
6. Click Save.
OneData inserts the new records.

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