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Changing the Relationship of a Record
Changing the Record Relationship for a Network Recursive Object
Changing the record relationship for a self-recursive object
Changing the Record Relationship in the Flat Table View
In OneData, you can change the relationship between records. For example, to change the parent object for a child object, or establish an additional many-to-many (network recursive) relationship.
Objects configured to display in tree view visually present related parent-child records in a nested tree structure. In the Advanced Parent-Child view, however, related records display in a flat table view so that the hierarchy is not visually presented. You can edit the record’s relationship to other records for an object defined in either view, however, the tree view provides two methods of modifying relationships: drag-and-drop functionality and cut-and-paste. To modify the record of a conceptual object defined in the Advanced Parent-Child view, see Editing Records.

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